How do I identify the problem?

To solve you problems you need to click at the "ERROR FINDER" at the top menu.


The "Error Finder" can indetify two types of problem.

- "Checkpoint Required" - If it is your problem, click here to see the solution.


- "Invalid Password" - If your password is invalid click here and see the solution.



The "Error Finder" didn't find the solution for your problem? Follow the next steps:

You should look at the "Last Action" to see if the Instaeasy isn´t performing properly. (Those statistics are at the bottom in your panel, in a blue button). 




After opening the statistics you must identify what type of problem is occurring.

 It Can Be One of two problems:

Problem 1:  Instaeasy is not performing any function, completely stopped.

It's easy to identify it, just check when was the last action. If the last action from Instaeasy happened more than 10 hours or even days ago click the link below and learn how to solve.

Make sure that the profile is 100% stopped before clicking here.

Problem 2: The profile performs well for some functions but in other appears one of the following messages.

 "Failed to like the photo from @user123"

 "Failed to follow @user123"

 "Failed to unfollow @user123"

  If you checked some functions aren't working just click above at the respective problem to solve it.


For any other assistance please send a ticket to the support team. 



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