Instaeasy is not doing anything to my profile? What should I do?


There are a few actions you can try to restart the process in getting your Instaeasy up and running. Please action the following steps:

1 Step: Access your Instagram profile (

By accessing make sure that Instagram is not asking for confirmation account via CAPTCHA (letters and numbers confirmation), simple confirmation (Always click on "Yes, It was me"), or via e-mail/SMS.

2 Step: 

  • Go to "Change Profile" at the top menu;
  • Remove your profile by clicking at the red "X";
  • Add again you profile in our platform. You can do this by clicking "Add New".


3 step: Go to your instaeasy panel ( and add some profiles at the function "Follow recent followers from another profile".

4 Step: Access your instagram (via smartphone, tablet or PC) and manually like some photos, follow and unfollow someone. 


Please allow 30 minutes for Instaeasy to action your changes and if you do not receive any change to your profile please submit a support ticket.


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